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             Nurit Agam

The Dead Sea, December 2013

Africa, November 2013



Tubingen, Germany, October 2013

Western US, August 2013 (a mother-daughter trip!)


Yosemite National Park

On the road...

Sunrise at the Death Valley

On the roads (again) through the Hoover Dam

Rafting in the Grand Canyon

Prague, Czech Republic, April 2013

Munich, Germany, March 2013

Ad-Lo-Yada, Sede-Boker, February 2013

Winter in Mishmar HaNegev, January 2013

Barcelona, Spain, October 2012

Desert flood, Wadi Paran, October 2012

Diving course, Eilat, October 2012

Sunrise ceremony in the Negev (Mt. Tsaror), September 2012

New-York City, February 2012

Brazil, October 2011

Rocinha Pavela, Rio de Janeiro

Ilha Grande


UK, August 2011




Lands End

Gaash Sets the Mezuzah, May 2010

Kefalonia, Greece, July 2010

Life in the Negev, April 2010

The Alps, October 2009

Lago Magiore, Italy

Mont Blanc, France

Around Geneva, Switzerland

Evolene, Switzerland

Lago di Como

Paris, France, May 2009

La Defance

Dripstones cave, Israel , May 2009

China, April 2009


Hohhut, Inner Mongolia


Views of the Negev, Israel, March 2009

Antalya, Turkey, November 2008

Workshop and progress meeting with Jordanian, Palestinian, and Turkish colleagues

Wadi Hatzatz, Israel, November 2008

With the Korens and friends

Maryland, USA, October 2008

Hirbet Za'aq, Israel, September 2008

Nizzana Hillocks, Israel, August 2008

Cadillac Ranch, Bushland TX, July 2008

Upstate NY and the Niagara falls, October 2007

Chincoteague Island, VA, October 2007

Mount Vernon, VA, September 2007

Watch the video of Geut's BAT-MITSVA

The Amish, Lancaster county PA, June 2007

Assateague Island, MD, April 2007

Great Smoky Mountains, NC & TN, April 2007

Winter, February 2007

Snowy Great Falls, VA, February 2007

Petra, Jordan, December 2006

Oxon Cove Park, November 2006

Lake Needwood Park, November 2006

(Catching last sunny days and LOTS of leaves just before winter)

Washington DC, October 2006

(The Mall - from the Obelisk to Lincoln Memorial)

Potomac Great Falls, October 2006

(The Maryland side, the C&O canal)

Barcelona, Spain, October 2006

New-Mexico and Texas, July 2006

(from Las-Cruces to Amarillo via Santa-Fe)

Santa-Fe, New-Mexico, July 2006

Shenandoah National Park, Virginia, May 2006

(Luray Caverns and Skyland drive)

Rock Creek Regional Park - Lake Needwood, May 2006

Right at our backyard, on a sunny Saturday

West Virginia - So close and yet so far away, April 2006

The Cherry blossom - Spring in Washington DC, April 2006

New beginnings...  Washington DC, January 2006

Potomac river, Great falls park, Virginia, December 2005

Farewell hike, Sede-Boker, November 2005

The Underwater Observatory Marine Park , Eilat, August 2005

Timna Park, Eilat Mountains, August 2005

Jerusalem - the old city and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, August 2005

Jaffa - Flee market and old city, April 2005

High Negev mountains, April 2005

Celebrating my PhD, Mashash farm, March 2005

Wadi Hatira, March 2005

Winter trip Up-north, February 2005

Wadi Dolev, Judean plains, January 2005

San-Francisco, December 2004

Monkeys Park near Jerusalem, September 2004

Beer-Sheva market, August 2004

Trek in East Ramon, April 2004

Desert flood, Ein-Ma'arif in the Negev, January 2004

Eilat mountains, January 2004

My princess and prince, March 2004

My princess and prince, September 2003